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Precautions for connecting bolts

In the operation of glass-lined equipment, connecting bolts are needed. In order to make the glass-lined reactor can rotate stably, the bolts play a very important role.

The main function of the bolts is to fix the equipment to prevent the equipment from loosening in the process of rotation and causing accidents. Therefore, when connecting together, must pay attention to whether the connection is correct, or wrong installation, will increase the danger.

Today we will take you to understand what precautions to take when connecting bolts

1. Connection parcel tensile bolt connection and shear bolt connection.


2. Screw connection is suitable for being connected to the end of the thicker, do not need to dismantle the occasion one end of the hexagonal fillet, there is no need for nuts.

3. Both ends of the stud link screw are threaded, the end face is screwed on the enameled reactor when it is assembled to the connected part, and the other end face is matched with a nut.

4. Fastening screws connected fittings with threads, unscrewed, using the end of the screw against the surface of another part or screwed into the corresponding notch in the part thought to fix the relative position of the enameled reactor, which can be transferred to a small axial force or torque.

 5. There are various types of threaded connections. In the production of equipment, the structural form and size of the threaded connector has been standardized, can be designed according to the relevant standards.

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