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  • Is the enamel layer of glass lined equipment thicker better?

    Concerning the wrong understanding of enamel layer thickness, customers think the enamel layer is thicker better. In fact, it is not that.

  • Why can it be used to produce chemicals?

    The glass-lined container is mainly composed of carbon steel and glass-lined.

  • Can it be used to produce dyes and pigments?

    Glass lined reactors can help dyes and pigments manufacturers to solve the problems of corrosion, high temperature, pressure. Which meets the conditions of dye production: corrosion resistance, high -temperature resistance, airtight pressure vessel.

  • The composition of enamels

    Zibo Tanglian Chemical Equipment Ltd.Co manufacture four series of open-type glass lined reactor、closed-type glass lined reactor、vertical storage vessel、horizontal storage vessel and more than 90 spec..

  • Corrosion Resistance Solutions

    In the production process of chemical、pharmaceutical、food、petroleum industries have a series of corrosion materials reaction、mixing .So,it is firmly strict for equipment requirements of production pro..

  • China's Resumption of work and production

    China has made efforts to reduce the impact of the epidemic on the economy by focusing on the prevention and control of the epidemic and resuming production in the first hand, with precisely planned policy measures and steady and practical actions.

  • The performance application range of the glass lined reactor

    The glass lined reactor is widely used in the chemical、 pharmaceuticals、light and other industries, industrial glass lined reactors are mainly composed of glass lined reaction tank and glass lined sto..

  • The principle of glass-lined reactor

    The principle of glass-lined reactor

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