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About the stainless steel reactor fire measures

In about stainless steel reactor, because the requirements for the chemical production industry practitioners to be relatively stable, 

strengthen the process and operational discipline of the workers, the development and strict implementation of operating procedures. 

Improve the level of employee business quality and production and operation skills. 

Develop an accident emergency plan, carry out drills, and improve the staff's ability to cope with accidents. 

In order to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Common in the production of widely used and achieved good results are:

(1) Fire stopping equipment. It includes safety liquid seal, water seal well, flame arrester, check valve, flame arrestor valve, etc. 

Its role is to prevent the flame from breaking into the reactor equipment, piping or to stop the flame from expanding in between.


(2) Explosion-proof pressure relief equipment. Including safety valves, rupture discs (rupture discs), bleeder tube, etc.,

 installed in the pressure vessel, pipeline and other production equipment, to play a role in reducing pressure and explosion-proof.

(3) spark extinguisher. Installed in the production of spark equipment and devices to prevent sparks flying out of the ignition of combustible materials.

(4) Automatic detector. Used to detect combustible gas concentration, temperature.

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