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Installation and commissioning of reaction kettle

Shandong Tanglian always adhere to the "quality-oriented", with high-quality product quality and perfect after-sales service to win the trust of customers and a high degree of praise, the product sells well at home and abroad. The following is about the installation and commissioning of the reactor:

①Check whether there is any serious damage and serious deformation of the reactor in transportation, and check whether the fasteners of the equipment are loose and fall off.

② Adopt the way of pre-buried ground bolts to install the equipment horizontally on a firm foundation.

③ Under the guidance of professionals, carry out the correct installation of equipment, electrical control devices and accessories, and check whether the pipeline is smooth, whether the installed instrument is correct and whether there is any damage. Before starting the reactor, you should check whether there are people or objects inside and outside the equipment and in the surrounding area that affect the normal operation of this equipment, so as to avoid any danger.

④After installation, the kettle should be run for a few seconds to make sure that there is no electrical short-circuit or abnormal sound before it is run for a short period of time.

⑤ If the kettle is equipped with mechanical seal, before starting the host, the mechanical seal lubrication tank must be injected with appropriate amount of 10 ° into the sewing oil, and the mechanical seal cooling chamber must be passed into the cooling water, so as to make the machine city sealing device get a good wetting and cooling. Mechanical seals are not adjusted at the factory, and should be adjusted to the best position according to the installation instructions after installation.

After normal operation, the reactor should check the bearing temperature, smoothness of operation, sealing, etc., check whether the instrumentation is normal, and confirm the normal before feeding operation.

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