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About Glass-lined reaction tank vacuum

In the use of glass-lined reaction tank there may be the phenomenon of vacuum, the benefit of vacuum is to balance the air pressure, and if the vacuum, for the equipment, you can get a better sealing effect. In the vacuum, in order to use the effect in the future, we need to pay attention to what precautions?

1, glass-lined reaction tank should be frequently checked, maintenance, to ensure good sealing, to prevent gas leakage.

2、When pumping vacuum, pay attention to eliminate the possible volatile organic compounds in the kettle gas and reactants to prevent harm to human body.

3、Control the vacuum degree and pumping rate to avoid generating too big pressure difference, which will lead to too low pressure inside the kettle and affect the reaction and the stability of the substances inside the kettle.

4、After vacuum pumping, inert gas should be injected in time to supplement the atmosphere inside the kettle to keep the stability.

5、When pumping vacuum, the water jacket between the stirrer and the kettle cover of glass-lined reaction tank should be circulated with circulating water, so as not to demagnetize the magnet steel.

6、Close each guide and discharge valve connected with vacuum system.

7、Hydrophobic water first to prevent condensate from entering the oil system.

8、Pay attention to discharge the condensate accumulated in the gauge cooler.

  In the vacuum, in order to make the glass lined reaction tank can be used for a longer period of time, the above precautions we note, and also the correct use, for some factors we are also as far as possible to control. After the above precautions are noted, we can make the performance of the equipment more stable when we go to vacuum.

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