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Measurement of stainless steel reactor repair

If the parameters of the stainless steel reactor are equipped differently, then its price is also different. Generally it is composed of lid, pot body, stirrer and so on, suitable for mixing, stirring and so on to the material. Generally, before using it, some devices of the kettle should be inspected first, such as pressure gauge, thermometer, etc., and check whether there is any leakage in the pipeline. In the solid material processing time, pay attention to the operation, so as not to damage the reaction kettle wall.

Stainless steel reactor repair standards.

1, the weld and the parent material should be oil smooth transition.

2, the weld part of the biting depth shall not be greater than 0.5mm, biting articulation length is not greater than 100mm, 3, the weld should be free of cracks, unwelded, not fused, slag, pores and other shortcomings.

4, slag on the weld and both sides of the spatter should be cleaned up.


5, the repair shall not show cross weld, the longitudinal seam between two adjacent cylinders and the longitudinal seam between the head and the adjacent cylinder section shall be staggered, and the spacing shall be greater than three times the thickness of the simplified body, and not less than 100mm.

6, the weld should not be reworked more than twice.

7、Welding rod materials should be selected correctly, welding rod: flux to be dried, take with the use.

8, after welding kettle body to do hydraulic strength test.

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